Community Living Arrangements

Verland was in the forefront of a new concept for the support of individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities: integration into community life. Pennsylvania was moving away from large institutions with hundreds of persons living dormitory style. Instead, residential homes located within communities were being built. In these homes the individuals could access resources like schools and community centers, hold jobs nearby, and in some cases be near their families. Verland began to acquire more homes and establish a larger presence in four counties in the Pittsburgh region.


The rooms of the individuals living here are personalized and  very much their own. In some rooms there are football posters, airplane models, and racing cars. In others there are teddy bears, dolls and much more – just like everybody else’s home, including home cooked meals by a staff who see their “individuals” almost as family. In fact, at Thanksgiving and Christmas some of the individuals eat dinner and open presents at a staff member’s home with their families. No longer persons apart, individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities are being accepted into communities and valued as members of those communities.


Verland's services in the CLA Division include:


Health Services


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