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Verland was given the opportunity to flourish because of the generosity of a single individual who was inspired to share her good fortune with others. Indeed, it was one concerned citizen's donation of land that forever altered the realm of possibilities for countless individuals with intellectual disabilities.


If you also have the desire to leave a lasting legacy, Verland encourages any donations that will help to ensure the continuation of our life-enhancing programs. In giving to Verland, your gift can be earmarked to benefit specific program areas, or can be used at the discretion of our Board of Directors to address pressing needs. Ultimately, Verland's person-centered mission offers an ideal means of ensuring that your loved one and other deserving individuals in your community will continue to receive services as long as they are needed.


Material donations to Verland generally come in the form of personal checks, bequests, appreciated stock, personal property, insurance policies, commercial property, automobiles and other assets of value. Please note that all donations are welcome, including such "in kind" services as a new roof, dry wall or house painting. Regardless of its form, your initiative and generosity are deeply appreciated by everyone associated with our mission to enable Verland's individuals to live meaningful, self-directed lives full of personal choice and promise.


If you shop online - a portion of your purchase will be donated to support Verland's mission.  These online retailers are:


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Please remember to designate Verland as your cause or charity of choice.


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all contributions made to Verland are tax deductible according to the limits of the law as it pertains to your personal tax situation. Call us today to find out how you can help at (412) 741-2375.