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Due to the severity of their medical conditions, it was decided that on-site medical services would most benefit the people living on campus. Familiar surroundings encourage cooperation and allow for greater team input which often generates more accurate diagnoses. These on-site services will continue as long as funding allows.
Ninety-four people currently live in Verland's ten homes on campus. Of that number, the majority are persons with profound retardation, most are wheelchair users and approximately 95% have seizures. Although the average person is in his/her mid-40's, as they grow older, Verland must be prepared to handle even more complex medical challenges.
Just as Verland adapts clothes, homes, treatment, and therapies to fit the individual, we also engage any necessary healthcare specialists to treat their medical needs most effectively. The following specialists make routine visits to Verland. Beyond the on-site nursing staff, a medical doctor is also on call 24 hours/day to ensure maximum responsiveness and state-of-the-art medical services.
A dedicated nursing staff comprised of three shifts works 24 hours/day, provide immense benefits due to their long-term employment at Verland. Because our nursing staff is intimately familiar with each resident and his/her physical condition, symptoms can be interpreted more effectively and treatment can be more precise with their valuable input. Nurses also function as a precious link between families and their loved ones, sharing everything from preferences for shampoos to early childhood histories.
For new families, it is important to note that Verland fiercely adheres to the regulations which prohibit unnecessary medication, sedation or restraints. All efforts are directed toward the least possible medical intervention necessary to promote the best quality of life.