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Adult Training Facility

The success of the Adult Training Facility at Verland is measured by the success of the individuals it serves. Its existence provides valuable training through a number of creative means while generating a more gratifying, healthy and independent lifestyle for those who participate. Since 1978, the Adult Training Facilities' innovative programs have distinguished Verland's efforts to fulfill its mission in serving persons with intellectual disablities.

According to the stringent local, state and federal regulations which govern our facilities, Verland is required to provide adult training for each of the individuals we serve; training that is both purposeful, appropriate and beneficial to the development and well-being of our residents.

Progamming offered by Verland's ATF is educational in purpose, much like a public school system, with self-determination being its primary objective. The focus is to increase and/or maintain the skills of the individuals living throughout the Verland system while meeting recreational, medical, personal and therapeutic needs.

While there are three satellite facilities strategically located in its service areas, Verland's primary ATF is positioned on its central campus in Sewickley and is open year round. Serving over eighty people Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, Verland's ATF provides creative, person-centered programming in state-of-the-art facilities that are designed to encourage maximum personal development. This development is focused on three major areas:

  • Practical Skills Training and Personal Development - Offering three distinct levels of training and development to accommodate each participant's current capabilities and potential, it is important to remember that many of these individuals are otherwise challenged physically and medically. In all three areas, a high priority is placed on personal choice, social growth and community awareness, and is facilitated through recreational and educational outings as well as special events.
  • Professional Therapies - Verland's Adult Training Facilities are widely respected for application of creative therapies, several of which are quite unique. The following is an overview of the many methods used to enrich, stabilize and strengthen the lives of those receiving services.
  • Recreation - Verland's Adult Training Facilities provide a certified recreation program. With fun as the primary focus, individuals have the opportunity to experience programs in fitness, horticulture, music, crafts and sensory stimulation. Community excursions and special events, along with religious and cultural outings, are also encouraged.

Life Skills Development

Verland's Life Skills Development program focuses on maintaining and furthering skills pertaining to daily living. This program's objective is to increase the participant's social, cognitive and vocational skills. A variety of activities are designed to help maintain and enhance each individual's skills as his/her capabilities continue to evolve.

Vocational Rehabilitation Center

In this wing of the Adult Training Facility on the Sewickley campus, eight separate rooms are devoted to increasing basic skills in the social, cognitive and vocational areas.


Focus of activities:

  • Sensory motor skills,
  • Cause and effect relationships, and
  • Response to stimulation.

With one teacher providing instruction for every two rooms, a series of individualized activities are specially designed to promote independence and self-esteem.

Each participant is able to work at his/her own pace and is given continuous praise and reassurance. Skills learned at the Vocational Rehab Center are reinforced throughout the day and are later carried into the home environment for meaningful, practical application.

The Workshop

A large educational and vocational component in Verland's innovative training program are the Workshops, where a learning environment has been designed with the intent of preparing individuals with higher skills to enter the community workforce. While continually reinforcing the importance of making informed choices which will affect their lives, the Workshop Program engages its participants in practical activities that promote general social and daily skills including assembling, color matching, sorting, packaging, money and time skills.

Employing a credentialed teacher and aids, the Workshop is a vital component in Verland's programming to further self-sufficiency and meaningful participation in the community. Over the years, a significant number of individuals have acquired the necessary skills to become gainfully employed in community settings.