Verland Homes

Located in Allegheny, Beaver, Fayette and Mercer Counties

Many who visit Verland describe an intimacy and a "maternal like warmth" that is evident from the moment one walks through our doors. Perhaps it's the attention to detail in every beautifully appointed room. A visitor's reassuring glimpse of a resident and staff member snuggled on a porch swing, or the joy and laughter lilting through the lace curtains. Whatever it is that touches people's souls, the legacy we've sown at Verland is yours to share. Every residence in our family of homes was born of a parent's passion to create an optimal environment for a child who suffered too long in an indifferent world.


The Verland Story


After 35 years, it is a stronghold of vital, talented people spread out over 50 community homes, each imbued with its own character and personality. It's a campus brimming with thoughtful, person-centered facilities. It is care that remains not only state-of-the-art, but what we are proud to call State-of-the-Heart® ... where the individual is honored just as God is honored. Verland maintains an "open door policy" which allows for appropriate spontaneous visits from family and friends, but also encourages community excursions and home visits for our residents.


Remaining Part of A Family


No matter what Verland home you visit, whether off campus or on campus, the respect accorded the individual is evident in every detail of life . . . from wearing the very latest fashions and hairstyles to planning their own home decor and personal vacations. Activities are planned to reflect the interests of each individual. Verlanders do the same things everyone else does! They participate in Girl and Boy Scout troops, movie going, park activities, symphony and rock concerts, shopping, fishing, proms and dances.


Although there is no way a single snapshot could capture the richness and integrity of a Verland home, the following photos offer a glimpse of several recent additions to our network of community residences. Our homes have individuals living in each with round-the-clock staff members providing a supportive family environment.


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Number of Homes: 50
Number of Residents: 225