Dear Friends,

I hope that our new website will provide insights into our mission, work, structure, services, and activities. Most importantly, I hope that you will come to know us better and receive a glimpse into the daily lives of the 230 remarkable people who are entrusted to our care and the more than 500 employees who serve them.

For 42 years, Verland has provided exceptional service to those with intellectual and physical disabilities. These amazing individuals persist in overcoming challenges every single day. We are better people for the opportunity we have been given to assist them in managing their challenges and to help them live rewarding and joyful lives.

Our dedicated staff comprehensively address physical and emotional needs. Diverse therapy services are offered, including physical, restorative, aquatic, equestrian, and music. We routinely plan both fun and educational activities and eagerly celebrate holidays and special occasions with them. When possible, excursions to outside destinations are enjoyed. Our Dietary Department provides exemplary food service. We offer an environment with the pleasing, individualized comforts of a true home … because this is their home.

We have created three specialty homes with the staff and medical equipment necessary to provide vital additional care to individuals with critical needs. We are also building “Signature” homes that offer numerous amenities to ease the lives of those with special needs.

Through this new and hopeful year, we will continue all of the health practices that have proven so successful to date. Please review the attached letter regarding our team’s dauntless and forceful response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the last year, we have learned how precious life is and how much we enrich each other’s lives.

It has been rewarding to support Verland’s mission. Caring for those who cannot care for themselves is a calling that we will steadfastly answer with enthusiasm and determination. We thank you for your continued love and support.

Bill Harriger
President and CEO