Palliative Care

The Rose Program at Verland

In partnership with PCMA Palliative Care Division, Verland is pleased to welcome The Rose Program for Palliative Care

This program, led by Patty Gordon MSN, CRNP, ACHPN/Palliative Care Nurse, will provide an extra layer of medical support, enhancing the high-quality care already provided at Verland. We work closely with clients, families, and their healthcare team to decrease debilitating symptoms, improve outcomes, and restore quality of life. We have helped many clients and families navigate their illness and choices. We accept all insurances and are part of your healthcare team.

An Extra Layer of Support

The Rose Providers will work with the current health care team and doctors to ensure we are providing care that is focused on your loved one’s individual needs at Verland.

What We Do:

We are so excited to offer our services and partner with you in your loved one’s health journey.

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Verland was established through the love and compassion of its three founders and the generosity of one individual who was inspired to share her good fortune with others by donating the land on which Verland’s Ohio Township campus was built.  Today, your support is needed to continue building community homes, expand the capacity of all facilities, and support our 230+ individuals with loving care.
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