Restorative Therapy

The Restorative Therapy program at Verland is designed for individuals with various muscular-skeletal pathologies to receive care to maintain an existing level of muscular function or to maintain progress gained through a previous rehabilitation therapy. The aim of the therapies is to achieve a level of independence in function – such as walking, feeding, dressing, and balancing while sitting on a chair or a commode. The improvement in the clients’ conditions that these therapies bring about is enormous. Direct support staff can see the difference in the lack of tension and the increased suppleness of the clients’ limbs when they dress them after a therapy session – the therapy greatly relaxes their arms and legs.

In addition to addressing immediate muscular need, restorative therapy is also very helpful in identifying emerging muscular-skeletal problems before they adversely affect function. Also, in the best cases, restorative care not only maintains range of motion, balance and ambulation abilities, but with consistent repetition it can achieve tangible gains in function for the client. It is very helpful for ambulatory or semi-ambulatory clients as well as those in wheelchairs to receive this therapy.