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The Verland Foundation Inc. is dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals with severe/profound intellectual disabilities.

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Our Community Homes

In conjunction with  the CLA's day program, we provide social and recreational activities that enable each individual to develop increased levels of independence.

Our caring staff provides support to enable each individual to live as independently as possible in the community and have maximum choice and control over his or her life.

A Program Specialist works closely with the individual, family, and team to coordinate the supports and services needed and to ensure that every need is met.

Our objective is to provide individualized support that will assist every Verland individual in developing daily living skills that will enhance their participation in the community as valued members, and that will enable each individual to live in the least restrictive setting.

Our Approach

Verland was in the forefront of a new concept for the support of individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities - integration into community life.

At the time of Veland's founding, Pennsylvania was beginning to move away from larger institutions with hundreds of persons living dormitory style.

In its place of this antiquated and impersonal system, residential homes located within communities were being built. These homes helped to promote the growth and development of the individuals, giving them the opportunity to attend schools and community centers, find jobs nearby, and in some cases be near their families.