Adapted Aquatics

Our Adapted Aquatics program provides individuals the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of water through a custom-tailored experience in our campus pool.

Our pool features a warm, temperature-regulated environment to ensure maximum comfort and therapeutic potential. From rolling into our pool on a water chair, using the ADA-compliant ramp, to stepping into the pool via ladder, Verland’s carefully-planned arrangement accommodates each individual’s abilities.

Each person’s strengths and needs are assessed before the creation and implementation of individualized aquatic programming. Whether individuals receive regularly-scheduled sessions or occasional recreational swimming, they thoroughly enjoy interacting with our Adapted Aquatics Team.

The psychological, social, and physiological benefits of adapted aquatics are observable and meaningful for the residents at Verland. The psychological and physiological benefits stem from engaging individuals in gentle movement, floating, and water play in therapeutic water temperatures. Our 90-93 degree water temperature has proven to reduce stress and anxiety, stimulate blood circulation, and relax the musculoskeletal system. In addition, the buoyancy property of water reduces the gravitational pull on the residents, allowing them to move their limbs more freely and ambulate with less assistance from staff.

Verland’s Adapted Aquatics program also encourages socialization, as individuals receive one-to-one attention with aquatic therapy staff and the opportunity to interact with peers during group swim sessions. Adapted Aquatics staff are adept at utilizing pool-based activities and tools to maximize a client’s level of engagement and enjoyment.

Resident Swimming with assistant
Resident Swimming with assistant
Resident Swimming with assistant

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