Join The Verland Team

Why Work at Verland

A career with Verland provides a rewarding opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of those with physical and intellectual disabilities. You will work closely with these individuals to help them achieve their goals and live as independently as possible through state-of-the-art support.

This may include assisting with daily activities such as personal care, meal preparation, and medication management. It is a challenging but fulfilling role that requires patience, compassion, and a genuine desire to help others.

In-demand positions include:

  • Direct Support Professionals
  • Behavior Specialists
  • Dietary Positions
  • Aquatics Instructors
  • And more! 

Verland Job Benefits

Verland offers a robust benefits package that recognizes the important work of our employees.

This Includes:

Stable Employment Scheduling

Flexible Scheduling Options

Competitive Salary

Ongoing Training

Excellent Benefits Packages

Professional Development Opportunities

You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a positive difference in the lives of the individuals you serve.

Career Opportunities In Western Pennsylvania

Verland is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer. Whether you are just starting your career or are looking for a new opportunity to make a difference, please consider becoming a compassionate caregiver in our organization.

The following are a few of the opportunities that are available to you:

  • Direct support professional
  • Certified nursing professional
  • Licensed practitioner
  • Registered nurse
  • Culinary staff
  • Laundry staff
  • Residential Managers
  • Administrative staff

An Exceptional Team

Verland proudly employs over 745+ individuals who provide compassionate care to our residents every day.

Commitment to Diversity

Over 50% of Verland employees come from traditionally underrepresented groups.

Grow with Us

Verland grew by over 11% last year – well above industry standards!

Find a Career

On average, our employees work with us for over 7 years.

Aligning with Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Employees who embody the mission, vision, and values of Verland are an essential part of our success.

These individuals take on the company’s objectives as their own and strive to make them a reality in their daily work. They understand and believe in the company’s purpose and work towards its goals with passion and dedication.

We seek employees who will align their actions with Verland’s mission, vision, and values, so they can help to: 

  • Create a positive and productive work environment.
  • Contribute to the overall success of the organization.
  • Inspire and motivate their colleagues, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration within the team through their commitment to our organization.

Support Our Mission

Verland was established through the love and compassion of its three founders and the generosity of one individual who was inspired to share her good fortune with others by donating the land on which Verland’s Ohio Township campus was built.  Today, your support is needed to continue building community homes, expand the capacity of all facilities, and support our 230+ individuals with loving care.
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