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About Verland

Born in human compassion, Verland was raised from a vision to reality by three dedicated and loving women – each with an unstinting belief in her own capacity to make a difference.

We believe that every person deserves a safe, enriching, and stable environment in which to thrive with dignity and respect. Our mission is to provide individualized care and ongoing support for people in our community with complex physical and intellectual challenges.

Verland is committed to the belief that our society must provide all human beings with the opportunity to live a life of dignity, to maximize their potential, and to contribute to our society to the full extent of their abilities. We employ the highest ethical standards and leadership principles, designed to promote such honored values as choice, control, safety, stability, success, and relationships.

Our daughter, Genevieve, is alive and thriving today because of the caring people of Verland. Genevieve’s needs have been addressed by the people at Verland who have the hearts of servants, the wisdom of experts, the compassion of saints, and the courage of heroes. Many people talk about love — the people of Verland put love into action!

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Verland Story

The Verland Story conveys their consuming belief and their devotion to God, to the sanctity of all life, and to three dear children whose personal challenges and triumphs ultimately reshaped the destinies of so many.

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Verland is dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals with
severe/profound intellectual and physical disabilities.