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We invite you to make a difference for those in our community with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Verland is committed to this mission every day and is dedicated to every resident we serve. You can support Verland as we continue to advance and expand our residential care facilities and Signature Homes. Keep reading to learn more about opportunities to contribute to this essential community non-profit.

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Jim and Ginger Siciliano, 2023 Inaugural Gala Recipients.

Verland’s Most Recently Completed Signature Home

Center Grange

Verland’s 42 years of experience have proven that homes specifically designed for the care of people with disabilities are best for the welfare of the residents. As our residents have aged or have developed increased critical needs, Verland’s 37 Community Living Arrangement homes have been upgraded to support these growing needs.

By contrast, Verland’s Signature Homes are carefully designed with specialized features to accommodate specific needs and ease the daily lives of people with disabilities. This ultimately means that buildinga Signature Home is more cost-effective than upgrading an existing residence. 

New Signature Homes are energy-efficient and less costly to operate than Verland’s older homes. This saves funds, reduces Verland’s carbon footprint, enhances the organization’s operations, and helps ensure fiscal stability.

Upon building each Signature Home, Verland is able to:

Enhance the life experiences, comfort, and health of those adults entrusted to our care

Meet residents needs for special accommodations

Enable the residents in the homes to age gracefully in pleasant surroundings, rather than having to be reassigned and moved to new residences as their needs change

The new Signature Homes are energy-efficient and less costly to operate than Verland’s older homes. This saves funds, reduces Verland’s carbon footprint, enhances the organization’s operations, and helps ensure fiscal stability.

History of Verland

The Beginning
It was Nancy’s love for her daughter Verlinda, Theo’s devotion to her son Andrew’s memory, and Carol’s love and concern for a young boy named David Tresch that fueled the groundbreaking vision that became Verland. Fittingly, the name “Verland” is a composite of the names Verlinda, Andrew, and David, the three children who inspired this dream.
Soon after the development of the Verland concept, Carol Mitchell struck a deal with Helen Grove, an activist, to donate a plot of wooded land overlooking a pond to Verland.
In May of 1978, Verland was officially organized, and soon there after Verland received a temporary occupancy extension to operate a 70-bed interim-care facility in the old Allegheny Valley Junior School.
On the day before Thanksgiving in 1979, they broke ground on Helen Grove’s Sewickley property. In January 1981, Verland formally opened ten well-equipped, furnished, and decorated homes for its first 70 residents.
Center Grange, our latest Signature Home development, has been completed and is ready to welcome new residents.
Today, Verland is a thriving, multifaceted organization that continues to reflect its humane origins, as well as the ever-growing and changing needs of those whom it supports.

Verland’s Mission, Vision, Values


We believe that every person deserves a safe, enriching, and stable environment where they can thrive with dignity and respect. Verland’s mission is to provide individualized residential care and ongoing support for people in our community with complex physical and intellectual challenges.


To lead the way in compassionate care using adult learning theories for those with complex needs. Verland’s goal is to allow all individuals the power to live a life of dignity and contribute to our society to the full extent of their abilities.

Verland Family Values

Commitment to Community

Strengthening our community by making an impactful difference in the lives of the individuals we serve, their family members, our employees, and all our supporters.

Compassionate Care

Delivering individualized care that prioritizes dignity, courage, and family unity in a secure and trusting environment.

Dedication to Employees

Empowering our employees, encouraging their personal growth, and recognizing the commitment they make to supporting those we serve with love and respect.

Trust through Transparency

Embodying honesty and integrity, upholding a culture of transparency to build and maintain trust with the individuals we serve, their families, our employees, and our donors.

Welcoming Diversity

Recognition and acceptance of all the individuals we serve, their families, and our employees, without biases based on differences of any kind.


Support Verland by attending one of our upcoming events. Explore our calendar to stay up to date with the latest goings on from Verland.

Support Our Mission

Right now, your support is needed to continue building community homes, expand the capacity of all facilities, and support our 230+ individuals with loving care. Today, Verland encourages legacy gifts that will help to ensure the continuation of our life-enhancing programs.
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