Our Impact

How Verland is Making a Difference

Verland’s person-centered mission offers a way to ensure that your loved one and/or other deserving individuals in your community will receive necessary services as long as they are needed.

We build and staff centers and programs for adults with disabilities to help members of our community enhance their quality of life and contribute to society. In our care, clients can live longer, fuller lives.

Signature Homes

Verland’s 42 years of experience has proven that homes specifically designed for the care of people with disabilities are best for the welfare of the residents. Verland’s 37 Community Living Arrangement homes have all needed upgrades for our residents as age or develop increased critical needs.

By contrast, Verland’s Signature Homes are carefully designed with specialized features to accommodate specific needs and ease the daily lives of people with disabilities. Ultimately, this means that building a Signature Home is more cost-effective than upgrading an existing residence.

The comfort and safety of residents are at the core of Verland Signature Homes. Features in the homes include fully accessible showers and baths, single-floor living, smart home technologies, oversized garages for adaptive vehicles, large fenced yards, and ceiling lifts throughout the home.

Need Never Ends,
We Can Always Build More

Community Living Arrangements (CLA) Homes

Community Living Arrangements (CLA) provide community-based services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Verland CLA homes are located throughout Western Pennsylvania, spreading across Allegheny, Beaver, Fayette, and Mercer Counties. CLA homes provide a familial atmosphere and 24-hour support to the individuals who reside in the home.

At Verland, each CLA home is centered on the unique needs of the individuals we serve. CLA homes promote independence through the use of assistive technology and adaptive equipment. These homes are also designed to meet the physical needs of each individual. Verland provides an “Everyday Lives Lifestyle” with person-centered programming specific to each individual’s interests and needs.

CLA Home Needs:

Backup Generators




New Windows for CLA Homes

Total Cost


approx. 1k per house

Additional Verland Needs

Pasture Improvements

Verland will need $75,000 to support the water drainage correction of the pasture land. As part of this correction, it is necessary to redo the fence and expand the pasture land because it’s wet, and deer are frequently getting caught in the current fencing.

Sensory Garden

Improvements to the Therapeutic Garden include adding more stations and expanding the recreational space.
  • $200k+ needed to expand the project

The Verland therapeutic and sensory garden will be created on our Sewickley campus between houses 105 and 103 in an area of undeveloped green space. House 105 supports nine children, making the garden space easily accessible to those individuals. Adding the therapeutic and sensory garden is the next step of a complete master plan for our Sewickley campus.

The completed garden will include a greenhouse, allowing individuals to start seeds indoors and enjoy horticulture therapies during cooler or dreary weather. Outside gardening spaces will include raised plant beds and accessible pods, allowing individuals with various core strength abilities to enjoy the garden.

Elements in the garden will be selected to engage all five senses of the individuals Verland serves and align with their therapeutic goals.

  • Sight: Colorful displays along the fence line and interactive lighting throughout the garden will be installed. A wind sculpture featuring a slow, calming movement will complement the low-stimulation garden environment.
  • Sound: A musical wall instrument will be accessible for individuals to initiate music and sounds. Birdhouses and feeders will bring birds to the garden area and provide stimulating natural sounds. Water features will provide calming water echoes.
  • Smell: Plants will be selected that provide engaging scents, such as lavender, lemon balm, basil, and sage.
  • Touch: Soil, plants, and interactive water features will engage individuals’ sense of touch.
  • Taste: The garden will grow edible plants that the individuals can enjoy, such as berries, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers.

Sponsorship opportunities are available to reach the $85,000 needed to make the garden possible.

Tree of Life

Verland’s Tree of Life occupies the most prominent space on the Sewickley Campus—the main entrance to the Adult Training Facility (ATF). In this facility, Verland’s individuals participate in physical, occupational, and aquatic therapy, receive medical and nursing services, enjoy their
meals in the cafeteria, and engage in recreation, training, and activities.

The ATF is the hub of Verland, and the Intermediate Care Facility entryway is the most visible location on campus for clients, their family members, their caregivers, visitors, physicians, staff, and vendors.

The Tree of Life is a lovely, dignified installation that recognizes, honors, and memorializes Verland’s founders and clients—current and deceased. The installation will also pay respect to family members, donors, and members of the Board of Directors, past and present. It is through these individuals’ support, service, and love that have made Verland what it is today.

These special people are part of the Verland Family and merit a fitting tribute to what they have contributed to the organization’s establishment, growth, and ongoing vision. We invite you to add your name, the name of a loved one, or the name of your company to the Verland Tree of Life. Commemorative Foundation Stones, butterflies, doves, and leaves make a thoughtful, lasting gift and are especially suited to honor the memory of a loved one.

  • $175 Engraved, gold-colored leaves 1.5″ X 2.5″
  • $250 Engraved, gold-colored leaves 2″ X 4″
  • $275 Engraved Ivory-colored butterflies
  • $300 Engraved blue doves
  • $500 Small, engraved bronze foundation stones

NOTE: Engraving space limits for the number of characters vary. For details, contact Kathy Kacvinsky at 412.741.2375 ext. 1256 or kkacvinsky@verland.org

Carol B. Mitchell Founders and Friends Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden in the courtyard of the Adult Training Facility on Verland’s Sewickley Campus is a multi-sensory installation that provides a restful, welcoming place for strolling,
relaxing, and meditating in tranquil surroundings.

The attractive space will be a focal point for Verland’s residents and their caregivers, family
gatherings, meetings of small clubs and organizations, and activities and instruction for Verland’s clients. With space for up to 26 people, this will be an appealing site for intimate gatherings and receptions—weather permitting, of course.

As its central feature, an engraved brick and paving stone border, titled the Walk of Honor, will
commemorate Verland’s founders, supporters, and residents, and will memorialize members of
the Verland Family who have passed away.

The inscriptions are a fitting, permanent tribute to the persons entrusted to our care, who have graced Verland with their presence and brightened our lives, and to the many whose support and love have helped to make Verland what it is today.

NOTE: Engraving space limits for the number of characters vary. For details, contact Kathy Kacvinsky at 412.741.2375 ext. 1256 or kkacvinsky@verland.org

Remaining sponsorship opportunities include:
  • $25,000 Garden sponsor with interior wall-mounted plaque
  • $3,000 Sculpture dedication
  • $250 Large, engraved paving stones with logo or design 8″ X 12″
  • $225 Large, engraved paving stones with text only
  • $175 Mid-sized, engraved paving stones with logo or design 8″ X 8″
  • $150 Mid-sized, engraved paving stones with text only 8″ X 8″
  • $100 Standard engraved bricks 4″ X 8″

Sponsorship opportunities are available to reach the $200,000 needed to make the garden possible

Support Our Mission

Right now, your support is needed to continue building community homes, expand the capacity of all facilities, and support our 230+ individuals with loving care. Today, Verland encourages legacy gifts that will help to ensure the continuation of our life-enhancing programs.
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