Leland B. Sapp

Chief Executive Officer

Leland Sapp began his career working as a Direct Support Professional in the Philadelphia area during the Christmas season of 2008.

He started his work with those in need as a way to open his heart to a life of service. Leland initially thought that the work might be temporary, but he quickly fell in love with those he supported. Over the next 15 years, Leland would continue to support those with intellectual and developmental disabilities as he quietly worked his way forward in the organization as a frontline Manager, Director, and COO. Eventually, he would become CEO. The two organizations at which he served as CEO thrived under his leadership. As a member of ANCOR, PAR and MAX, Leland has continued to maintain a broad network of CEOs in Pennsylvania.

Leland has a history of serving strong faith-based and mission-driven organizations. As a Visionary CEO, he has created a culture of “Belonging” and “Best Care” wherever he goes. He believes that in order for those supported to receive the best care possible, the organization must first invest in, and focus on, developing its caretakers.

Leland and his wife, Elaine, are happy to be moving to the Sewickley area where they can be part of the community. Living closer to his grown children and two grandbabies is an added benefit in coming to Verland.

Support Our Mission

Verland was established through the love and compassion of its three founders and the generosity of one individual who was inspired to share her good fortune with others by donating the land on which Verland’s Ohio Township campus was built.  Today, your support is needed to continue building community homes, expand the capacity of all facilities, and support our 230 individuals with loving care.
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