Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy services are regularly offered at Verland on an outpatient and maintenance-based frequency.

To initiate services, our Physical Therapist (PT) completes a formal, comprehensive assessment on both an annual and as-needed basis to determine any changes in medical or functional status. The PT then provides formal, individualized treatments to maximize independence, improve head and trunk stability, and encourage mobility. While therapy services are integrated within the classrooms and homes, intervention may also take place in Verland’s dedicated therapy space in the Adult Training Facility.

Our PT utilizes evidence-based interventions to maximize motor skills through range of motion (ROM), lower-extremity splinting, and positioning. In addition, the PT may prescribe formal positioning and movement programs to elicit and maintain optimal postures. Correct positioning is essential in maintaining overall physical health and to promote strong bones, strong muscles, and flexible joints. Commonly used therapy equipment include walkers, standers, mat tables, wedges, and various types of orthotics. Verland staff learn how to carry over programming across environments using such equipment through consistent collaboration and education provided by the PT.

The Habilitation Services Department schedules clinics throughout the year where various outside preferred providers bring their specific clinical expertise to our campus. The PT is actively involved in these clinics to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach to wheelchair management, orthotics application and adaptation, neuromuscular rehabilitation, and shoe fit/wear.

Man with disabilities receiving physical therapy
Woman with disabilities receiving physical therapy
Verland resident receiving Physical therapy

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Verland is dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals with
severe/profound intellectual and physical disabilities.