Speech-Language Pathology

The Speech-Language Pathology services offered at Verland focus on enhancing the individual’s level of verbal and nonverbal communication, oral-motor abilities impacting eating, and hearing proficiencies.

The Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) at Verland thoroughly assesses and provides formal follow-up treatments to address noted challenges. In addition, the SLP will informally monitor and screen individuals to ensure safety, program implementation, and best practice. Regular staff training is a priority in order to facilitate skill generalization through informal goal implementation and programming within the Adult Training Facility and the home.

Our SLP is skilled in a variety of treatment methods, modalities, and interventions needed to provide quality services. Nonverbal participants are taught augmentative and alternative means of communication by using low-tech options, such as Picture Exchange Communication (PECS), SuperTalker and Big Mack Switches, as well as high-tech options, including iPad applications and LAMP Words for Life.

The SLP is crucial in determining an individual’s eating and swallowing ability, through observation and in collaboration with other professionals, in order to recommend optimal diet and food consistencies and mealtime equipment. The SLP’s daily monitoring of an individual’s feeding status is paramount to safety and quality of life. When appropriate, oral motor therapies are established and utilized to maintain current feeding ability, including chewing, tongue lateralization, and rotary movement.

Another facet of SLP intervention includes aural rehabilitation therapy for an individual with a hearing impairment who can respond to any of the therapeutic techniques. The techniques utilized in training/treatment may include adaptation to amplification device, total communication methods, visual cue development, environmental manipulation, speech reading, or cued speech.

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Verland Resident eating

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