Psychology and Behavioral

The Psychology and Behavior Team assesses individuals’ cognitive and adaptive functioning.

If needed, the professionals develop individual behavior support plans that are informed by staff input, observation of individuals, and functional behavior assessments to address concerns about the behavior or emotional well-being of the individuals.

Our Team works as part of a multidisciplinary team to address the behavioral and emotional needs of individuals at Verland via:

  1. The use of consultation and observation
  2. The use of standardized tests of cognitive and adaptive functioning
  3. The development of behavior support plans, when needed, containing measurable behavioral goals and behavior criteria for psychotropic medication reduction and discontinuation of behavior support plans
  4. The use of data collection based on observable and measurable behaviors; and
  5. Daily tracking of targeted behaviors along with quarterly reviews to determine whether individuals are meeting their goals as described in plans.

Our Team utilizes positive reinforcement throughout the day and implements positive approach strategies to facilitate the acquisition and strengthening of adaptive behaviors. We aim to reduce and de-escalate maladaptive behaviors using least restrictive techniques, all while maintaining their dignity and individual personality. We provide these services anywhere – in the homes, in the classroom, on community outings, medical trips, etc.

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Verland is dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals with
severe/profound intellectual and physical disabilities.