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The Verland Foundation Inc. is dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals with severe/profound intellectual disabilities.

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Founded in 1978 by three women who wanted to provide the best care for persons with intellectual disabilities, Verland consists of three entities: an Intermediate Care Facility for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID) on a ten home campus located in Sewickley; the Community Living Arrangements (CLA) homes for persons with less severe disabilities, comprised of 37 homes, and one Intermediate Care Facility for Other Related Conditions (ICF/ORC) serving persons with physical disabilities only. These homes serve four counties in the Greater Pittsburgh area.
Verland’s 48 homes are served by a staff of 540 and the homes are supported by four adult training facilities centrally located near the homes. Staff members transport most of the residents to the nearest training facility for day programs and therapies. Some of the CLA individuals, depending on the nature of their conditions, use community organizations such as senior citizen centers and health centers. Some hold jobs and some are volunteers. One young man works for a Giant Eagle supermarket, and another volunteers for a nursing home. A young man from the ORC gives sensitivity classes at schools about persons with disabilities, and a young woman helps out at an animal shelter. It is estimated that each Verland home infuses more than $300,000 in jobs, taxes, and purchases into its local community each year.